Induction Cooktops

Most homes today are fitted with one of two styles of cook tops, often referred to as hobs outside of the US. Traditional ranges and grills, which cook using an open flame, are one style. Electric ranges, which heat a coil or surface, are the other. Even the fairly recent advent of halogen cook tops, where infrared radiation produced by halogen bulbs is utilized, are actually just a more advanced take on traditional cooking technique.

With the introduction of induction cook tops, home chefs can now enjoy all of the benefits of the larger, multiple “burner” induction ovens – the safety, precision, and efficient advantages they have over traditional ranges – in a smaller, more affordable, and more portable package.

induction cooker

Induction cookers, which can be thought of as the hot plate equivalent to an induction stovetop’s replacement of the gas range, enjoy all of the benefits of their larger siblings while reducing the cost and permanent commitment of a full induction stove. The same super heating time, control, efficiency, and safety of larger induction ovens is present in induction cookers because the ferromagnetic principles behind induction are completely scalable.

Compared to only a few years ago, induction cook tops are becoming much more common, with the cheapest stand alone, single “burner” units selling for under $100 on Amazon. While they still require iron based cookware, these induction cookers allow home chefs to see if the exciting benefits of induction cooking are for them before committing to a more expensive and more permanent induction stovetop.

induction cooktop